Single? why not? being in a relationship? why not either

Being single and being in a relationship is two different levels, it like driving a truck and driving a horse, why truck and horse? I dont know why, its just my self saying so much weird word and i keep talking to myself in last couple days.

Okay here is the deal, im 21, recently single, my ex was broke up with me and thats why i keep being such a weirdo.  i keep talking to myself and i start to think that im an great actor, I SHOULD BE IN A MOVIE! I have good gimmick, emotions and……… acting weird like im talking lika a comic and peform in a big stage. I may have considered that tough

Back to the being single and in a relationship mode. Like 10 times before, yes i have 10 ex. Pretty much an achievement for a guy like me, it like i have an average face, overly tall body, FYI, im 7’1. And had been in 10 relationship? Its like QPR won a premier league. Ah fuck it out

Being in a relationship its like you put your commitment on the line, put your priority into the limit, made you a wise person, because you never wanted the persone you love and being in relationship with never goes mad, angry, sad and always want them to smile everysingle time. You have to responsible for their feeling, if you are a guy, you have to put your lady in safety no matter what. Even when you are angry with her. If you mad at her doesnt mean you doesnt protect her anymore. Keep your time for her, or otherwise another another guy will come and she will be gone forever. When she is gone, she is gone forever……. and thats will apply for you girls. a lot of big tasks will waiting for you when you are in a relationship stage, but it will pay with a big prize, smile on the face of your love ones. Someone who cared about you, someone afraid when you were gone, someone that will put their body to protect you, someone support you all the time, someone miss you everytime you gone, someone will be there for you 24/7. He/she is the one.  And she/he is just priceless

Alright, now to being single. Being single is like a time for you to do everything you want, without any big task written down on your freaking forehead. You can do anything, well not literally anything tough, but so much thing than being in a relationship. when you are single, you can go out with anyone, doesnt have to be afraid that someone getting mad. but the consequences are no one will looking up for you, there will be not atleast one person will be there for you 24/7 when nobody there for you.


Its your choice, being single or being in a relationship. there are so many pros and cons, and no, you cant have it all at once, if you want that, you are just one greedy son of a bitch bastards. Life is like yin and yang. There is a sad feeling in happiness, and there is a happy feeling in a sadness.


So, what is your choice?


Perihal garudasenayan
bisa dibilang penulis karena gue punya blog. bisa dibilang mahasiswa karena gue masih kuliah, bisa dibilang RailFans karena gue suka banget sama kereta, bisa juga lo bilang gue ganteng karena nyokap gua bilang begitu

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